Being a More Creative Entrepreneur


Everyone has an inner entrepreneur and everyone’s inner entrepreneur can be reached in a very simple way. Many of the major innovations of the past few years are things that in hindsight look like common sense solution but were very revolutionary when they were introduced. Creative entrepreneurs are able to create products and services that revolutionize everyday life in such … Read More

5 Important Metrics for Brand Management


Metrics for Brand Managment 1. Brand Identity A brand is represented by the physical and metaphysical aspects that create a visual, auditory, and sometimes olfactory brand identity. For example, a brand’s logo, color palette, marketing materials, letterhead, signage and messaging are all tangible representations of the brand that make up its sensory identity. These aspects come together to essentially convey … Read More

5 Apps To Acquaint Yourself With A New City


Top Apps For A New City So you’ve packed your whole life into a few cardboard boxes and moved out of your comfy apartment into a new and unfamiliar space. Congratulations! You’ve just completed the hardest part of moving to a new city. However, whether you have moved for job prospects or just to make a change, there is still … Read More

10 Best Marketing Strategies


Promoting your business can be challenging; some would even say that marketing is the most difficult part of starting a business. Marketing is heavily influenced by the field of psychology as it requires the knowledge of your target audience’s wants and needs. It is vital that when pushing a marketing campaign, you consider the mindsets and likely actions of the … Read More

Why Intangible Assets are Important for Your Small Business


By: Benjamin Louie How to Survive Past Year 5 Here is the hard truth: 92% of startups fail within the first year of operation and most will not see profits until their fifth year in business. This is a product of an ever-growing business landscape being inundated with more businesses producing large levels of competition. Now you may be asking … Read More

6 Ways to Raise Brand Awareness for Your Small Business


6 Ways to Build Brand Awareness Humans are inherently habitual beings. Favorite foods, day-to-day routines, and even purchases are all subject to repetition. This is why brand awareness is essential for every modern business to create buzz and recognition on both a local and global scale. Simply recognizing a company or brand makes a customer more likely to associate trust … Read More

The Importance of Planning in Executing a Task Successfully


Planning for Task Execution Planning to complete a project is almost like planning for a wedding. If it’s all put together at the last minute then, people can see how ill prepared you are with cheap plates, bendable silverware, and even dim sparkling wine. It’s the most crucial part of creating any task. When planning for a project, it’s important … Read More