5 Apps To Acquaint Yourself With A New City


Top Apps For A New City

So you’ve packed your whole life into a few cardboard boxes and moved out of your comfy apartment into a new and unfamiliar space. Congratulations! You’ve just completed the hardest part of moving to a new city. However, whether you have moved for job prospects or just to make a change, there is still more to do. Now that you’re all alone in a large and unexplored city, you’ve realized that it is way harder to get comfortable than it used to be. Your friends and family are far away, you no longer have a favorite nearby restaurant, and you don’t even know where the supermarket is. You don’t have the benefit of college where everyone’s trying to make new friends and there is no one to show you the hot spots around the town anymore.

Luckily for you there is an app for everything the lonely millennial will ever need, so before you decide to accept a fate of perpetual loneliness in your city, check out these apps and settle down with a new group in your new city.

1.) Tinder Social

Yes, your college roommate’s favorite hookup app is our first suggestion for you to rebuild your social life. Tinder recently extended their services into the friend-finding field. It works similarly to their dating platform; you and your limited group of friends can now right swipe other similar groups and meet up for some food or a drink and expand your social circle.

The benefit of Tinder Social is that it doesn’t require any work other than enabling the option on your already existing Tinder account. You can look for friends and look for your soulmate all on the same app.


2.) Zog Sports

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: sports are exhausting and you probably still have traumatic flashbacks from Physical Education back in high school. However, you don’t have to worry about that with this app. Zog Sports are what are referred to as a “beer league”. Zog sports are a co-ed league that’s usually comprised of uncoordinated individuals who get together to play a pickup game of a low-cost sport such as kickball, baseball, basketball, soccer and afterward grab a drink at the local bar to wash away the sadness of everyone’s lack of athletic prowess. Zog sports are broken into four tiers of athleticism; ‘extremely casual’, ‘casual’,’sorta players’, and ‘players’. So for the ex-college/high school varsity players, there is no need to fret that the competition might not fill your desire.

Zog sports is a great way to stay in shape and easily make friends but comes with the downside that it is a paid service. Although this might sound discouraging, most of the revenue is donated to charities so you can help people while getting fit, meeting new people and having a blast at Zog happy hours.


3.) Meetup

Meetups are an excellent way to get in touch with your community as dozens to even hundreds of people could show up to any given event. Meetups provide the opportunity to create groups of individuals who share your interests or join an already existing group. Meetups are not just limited to professional interests. Many Meetups are focused around a certain recreational activity. Are you into hiking? There’s a group for that. Are you into walking your dog? There’s a group for that. A group probably exists for almost any interest that you may have and if it does not exist, all you have to do is create one. This is one of the best ways to make new friends because relationships are easily created when there is a mutual interest to bond over.


4.) Nearify

Nearify is an amazing service for discovering what’s going on in your city on any given day. Nearify can help you discover local festivals, concerts, and events that match your interests. Nearify additionally allows you to refine your interests so you get a concise list of events that saves you the trouble of going through an extensive list to search for what you like. Nearify may just be your ticket to a booming social life filled with interesting events and experiences.


5.) Around Me

With Around Me, you don’t have to waste your time wondering where the nearest Bank of America is anymore. Around Me is an amazing way to become familiar with your surroundings as it will show all local businesses around and has map capabilities in order to see the general mapping of these businesses. Around Me can quickly become your new pocket map for day to day life and even spontaneous road trips and vacations


Now that you have all this information available at the tips of your fingers, go out and have your next adventure!

By: Cristopher Rios